Ruckus Raisin', Vinyl Worthy, American Blues Rock!

The Chase Walker Band is passionately reinventing roots music into modern vinyl-worthy classics with a vibrant flare. Heads turn and do a double-take when the Chase Walker Band unleashes their sound in a live performance. These teens, Chase Walker (lead guitar/vocals), Randon Davitt (bass guitar/vocals) and Matthew Fyke (drums), explode with talent, maturity and soul far beyond their years. Their sound is raw and real. No faking it here. Hailing from Southern California, ages fifteen to sixteen, they take you back to a nostalgic feeling of 70’s Blues with a modern groove. Their deep soul and talent juxtaposed with their young age create a jaw-dropping reaction from audiences (Read more)


Proud Members of the Blues Community

The Chase Walker Band is grateful for the generosity of the Blues community in helping CWB learn and grow as musicians and performers. We are proud members of:
  • The Blues Foundtion
  • Los Angeles Blues Society
  • Orange County Blues Society
  • Blues Lovers United San Diego
  • Southern California Blues Society
The CWB proudly supports the Blues Kids Foundation and Blues Kids of America where we learned from Fernando Jones and found the Blues.  You can help introduce hundreds of kids each year to America's Music, the Blues. Find out how you can be part of it and give generously.